25 January 2014

Mustang wanted ~ compilation video

A Ukranian young guy who likes to tempt death, who resolutely gave up his own legal consultant job and began an epic adventure tempting death. Watching his video resulted in a palm of cold sweat

15 January 2014

Bixente Moto

This short documentary film is about Bixente the owner of Bixente Moto a french custom garage from Biarritz.
His website: au92.fr

Directed & edited by Douglas Guillot
Music by Radio Moscow – Lick Skillet (buy it on iTunes here: itun.es/i6FC63Y)
Patrick Sweany – Them Shoes (buy it on iTunes here: itun.es/i6FZ7zG)
Design by Steven Burke (stevenburke.blogspot.fr)
Audio mix by Romain Grenier (milgram.tv)
Photography by Sarah Arnould (sarah-arnould.com)
Translate by Franziska Brune

08 January 2014

Monster Energy: Kris Foster

Located in the semi desert hills of the Okanagan region, Kris Foster brings new elements into the free ride game, making him arguable one of the best free riders to come out of Canada.

06 January 2014

Russian Way to Load Logs on a Truck

Regular Russian savvy when loading logs

The Coldest Place in the World

It's hard for us to imagine being in the minus fifty degrees Celsius chilled air outside, but this location on Earth routinely chills down to minus eighty degrees, and sometimes all the way to minus 93 degrees Celsius - colder than any previously recorded low temperatures! This area is located on a high ridge in Antarctica on the East Antarctic Plateau; watch this video to better understand how remote and hostile this spot is:

The Skeleton of a Giant Sea Snake in France


(Photo: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra)

That's the impression created by this sculpture by Huang Yong Ping, an artist in France. This isn't his first colossal serpentine work. We've previously seen his tower formed as a skeleton of a snake. Serpent d’Océan, as this work is entitled, creates a similar effect of mystery.


(photo : Nantes Tourisme)

It's a 425-foot long sculpture on permanent display in the estuary of the Loire River as it enters the Bay of Biscay. It represents like a major figure in Chinese mythology that, like the artist himself, journeyed to Europe.

You can see more photos of the sculpture here.

05 January 2014

Cat Compilation

All the best cat jump fails and wins of 2013! Some cats are amazing acrobats, others are just plain clumsy.