20 August 2012

CAT BARELY ESCAPES JAWS (Longer, slow motion version)

Olive the Movie - Trailer

the first film to make it from small smartphone screen to the big screen without the backing of a major motion picture studio.

07 August 2012

Monkey Escape!

A chimpanzee asks zoo visitors for a cracker on the ground. The visitors don't understand.

02 August 2012

Elephant crashes the pool party

Break Dancing Gorilla at the Calgary Zoo

'Taken' with a Real Dad

I'm going to find you... maybe tomorrow, maybe after tomorrow. Yeah remind me tomorrow. And then I'll kill you!

What if the movie Taken happened for real?...What if YOUR dad was forced to hunt down and kill the men who kidnapped you? Well we don't know all of your dads, so we used ours.

KURATAS - Suidobashi heavy industry