28 February 2013

Tel Aviv paints handicapped spot, tows car

Surveillance footage shows municipal workers painting parking spot to mark it as handicapped with woman's car still in it • Facebook post about incident goes viral • Municipality apologizes for "unacceptable incompetence," rescinds fine, towing costs.

On Sunday, Tel Aviv resident Hila Ben-Baruch parked her car in a legal spot outside her residence on Yehuda Halevi street. When she returned later, she was astounded to discover that her car had been towed and that the spot had been painted to designate it for handicapped parking.

Ben-Baruch was shocked and refused to go quietly into the night.

"I called my friend who had been with me in the car to make sure that I had not gone crazy or become senile," Ben-Baruch wrote on her Facebook page.

27 February 2013

Kalle Rovanperä - ikää 11 vuotta ja vauhtia yli 200 km/h (Teknari 7/2012)

Whatever it Takes: Paralyzed Motocross Rider - Darius Glover

Take a moment to watch the “Whatever it Takes” youtube video- you’ll be inspired, no doubt. Passion and happiness are contagious, as is determination. No excuses, no whining… just ride.

26 February 2013

Transparent Smartphone Prototype by Polytron Hands On Video

Taiwan-based optical glass specialists company Polytron Technologies are already working on a transparent smartphone, and the results have been promising so far.

23 February 2013

A dramatic surprise on an ice-cold day

To launch TNT - a quality series and movies TV channel - in the Netherlands, we made a sequel to the viral hit video "A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square". On a cold winter's day, we placed the famous red button somewhere in a Dutch shopping street. Are you ready? Discover here what happened this time. For more info on TNT visit http://www.tnt-tv.nl/

22 February 2013

Elisa Lam Video

from CNN.com

Elisa Lam's corpse was found in the Cecil Hotel's rooftop water tank by a maintenance worker who was trying to figure out why the water pressure was low Tuesday.
Lam's parents reported her missing in early February. The last sighting of her was in the hotel on January 31, Los Angeles Police said.

16 February 2013

2013 Budweiser Super Bowl Ad — The Clydesdales: "Brotherhood"


whales photobomb like a boss

ORIGINAL Sunshine Coast Floods 27/1/2013 .....police get the surprise of...

Flooding on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, over the weekend left a thick layer of sea foam behind. How thick? Beware of what looks like a "wave" in the foam! Luckily, it appears no one was hurt in this particular incident.

12 February 2013

Italy's most extreme Enduro Race - Hell's Gate 2013 - TEASER

Hell’s Gate, Italy’s most extreme enduro event, returns to the picturesque town of Il Ciocco as part of the 2013 Hard Enduro series. Check out the teaser for the event!

11 February 2013

Creepy baby sock (Очень страшный носок)

Moto-Gladiators: 2013 Melbourne Enduro-X

Big names, big crashes and seriously intense racing, Dirt Action’s Adam Riemann presents a nail-biting look at the extreme sport of Enduro-X.

Virtuoso Teaser 02

Metal Meets Wood

Metal Meets Wood is a vintage motorcycle meet held every Thursday in Wynwood, Miami. Wood Tavern with Metal 305 play host to the finest vintage motorcycles South Florida has to offer.
Music: New Theory (RAC Mix) – Washed Out

Antoine Meo - the way to "Le Touquet": Part 1

Steve Ian 3: The Saga Continues HD

"Spending copious amounts of time with Steve this summer I really noticed a few weak spots in his training program, so Mikey and I headed to Vancouver Island to guide him to further World Cup wins." - Ian Morrison

Trailer #2 "The People's Republic of Love" documentary

The People’s Republic of Love is an upcoming documentary that explores the question of how the concept of love is changing across China’s socioeconomic spectrum. We find some unexpected answers by traveling across China to meet a colorful cast of characters that includes matchmakers, dating show contestants, private investigators, government bureaucrats, relationship experts, divorce lawyers, and China’s new “love hunters.”

07 February 2013

Off Seasons Two: Ryan Tuerck Drifts The Wild: Tuerck'd Ep. 6

This Is The Most Beautiful Car Video In Years

06 February 2013

Fast & Furious 6 - Extended First Look

Can't wait on the big screen.

03 February 2013

Goat beatboxing

fake but still funny though :D

02 February 2013

EPOV: Eric Pollard's Super Segment

Eric Pollard skis like he paints, placing natural flowing lines on virgin powder.
This year, Eric has wrapped up his past season by editing all of his favorite shots into a single super segment so you can drop in with him, from his point of view. All footage was shot by Nimbus & Level 1 during the 2011/12 season with some ridiculous never before seen footage sprinkled in. So expand your video player, turn up your speakers and click play for epic surfy vertical powder slashes, stomped giant natural airs, superhero-like switch skiing, and more tricks deep in the white room from EP’s home Mount Hood to Japan and everywhere in between, re-cut and edited by Eric himself.

About Eric Pollard & Line Skis
Line was Eric Pollard’s first ski sponsor, now working together for over 15 years Eric Pollard’s creativity and vision for what’s next in the sport is in perfect unison with line together pioneering ski designs and styles of riding that continue to re-define the sport and product that supports it.

Scottie Pinwheel


Turning Boiling or Hot Water into Snow at -13°F (-25°C)

It’s an easy experiment to accomplish. Just boil water on the stove or in a coffee cup in the microwave, go outside, and throw the water in the air. Just be careful to throw it in front of you so you don’t get burned if it’s not cold enough outside and the the hot liquid falls down on you.
Read more at http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2013/01/23/turning-boiling-or-hot-water-into-snow-at-13f-25c-video/#wLUtK8gedpwwalx7.99