30 November 2013


IDIOTS from BLR_VFX on Vimeo.
Luxury cars with powerful engines to drive through roads under severe speed restrictions, cable TV that allows us to pay to watch all kind of sports, all from our comfortable sofa, and of course, hyper expensive cell phones that do almost everything but making a decent phone call. Yes, our happiness is based on things we don’t need and governed by entities we don’t control, so what? Sit down and turn on the tv!

The Quickest Pit Stop Ever

29 November 2013

Stories of Bike EP8: Flipside

During the day we blend into our jobs and daily roles. Often we yearn for an escape, even if it’s temporary.

For Wenley, builder of a beastly custom 2008 Triumph Bonneville in his spare time, . when he rides the MadMax he finds his escape from the everyday and shrugs off his invisibility for the night.

Swiss supermoto prestige rider Marcel Baumgartner

03 November 2013

Vintage Iron – Jerry Robin / Guy Cooper / Brett Cue

Ever wonder what it would be like if Brett Cue rode a vintage bike? How about what Guy Cooper was up to these days? Or maybe you want to know what was going on in Jerry Robin’s head the weeks leading up to Loretta Lynn’s? Sometimes you just need to answer questions like these all at once. Sit back and enjoy as Brett, Jerry and Guy shred some Oklahoma red dirt on vintage bikes!

Honda unveils the new CRF450 RALLY – Video

Very good looking bike

01 November 2013

KTM 1290 Super Duke R | First Rides | Motorcyclenews.com

MCN take a quick spin on the prototype KTM 1290 Super Duke R – and it reveals a surging powerhouse of an engine under that minimal bodywork

Husqvarna proudly presents the 2014 range of Motorcross bikes

With a full range of 2-strokes and 4-strokes for all rider levels and preferences, the 2014 model range of motocross bikes brings the glorious brand back in contention at the very top. 2-strokes have always had a central role in the Husqvarna range, and 2014 is no different with the range of TC models (TC — Two-stroke Cross), starting with a brand new competition level 85 cc mini bike and a powerful yet agile and superlight 125. With 300 cc 2-strokes getting a European Motocross Championship class in 2014, there is no better bike available to tackle the competition with than the super-powerful TC 250 fitted with the 300 cc transformation kit available in Husky Power.
As a pioneer of 4-stroke motocross bikes, Husqvarna reinforces its strong 4-stroke history with 3 brand new models that cover all the possible needs of every rider, from expert to amateur. The state-of-the-art 250 cc, 350 cc and 450 cc engines in the FC range (Four-stroke Cross) are encased in a light and agile chassis for maximum performance and wrapped in sharp bodywork and new white, yellow and blue colours for a stylish look on the race track.