16 June 2013

Pizza Delivery to the Homeless

I was at AutoSource Dallas for a monthly event I put on there, when a order error delivered nearly 80 Papa John's Pizza's to the shop. We paid for the pizza's and quietly realized that they would go to waste if nothing was done.

Autosource being a dealership, I asked the owner Al Villanueva if Chris Wiman and myself could take a car out into the streets of Dallas to try and put a smile on the face of the homeless. Al agreed, and we selected a Fisker Karma from the inventory because it has huge back seats and could fit all of the pizzas in.

We found no shortage of people willing to take the hot pizzas from us, every one of them thankful and appreciative. It was a very uplifting experience for Chris and I and I hope you enjoy it.

Something as normal as a pizza may seem small to some, but to these people it made their day. Thanks. -Jared

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